We are currently seeking to fill a Case Manager position for our Rapid Re-housing Program. Click Here for more Information.

Rapid Re-Housing


Through the Rapid Re-housing program, we help literally homeless families find and maintain housing. We create pathways for homeless families to enter the financial mainstream and ultimately build brighter futures. Families have access to financial education and develop essential job-skills for employment. Thanks to strategic partnerships with local landlords, faith-based communities, and local shelters, we are able to help families find and maintain housing long-term. Join us today and get involved with this amazing program. You can help out by volunteering time and resources to our cause. Get in touch to learn more about helping out.

Program Eligibility
1. Must be literally homeless* as defined by HUD.
2. Must have custody of at least one child under age 18
3. Household income must be at or below 133% of Poverty Level

* We are currently not receiving applications for our RRH Program.
* An individual is considered homeless if he or she is living in places not meant for human habitation; is living in an emergency shelter; is fleeing a domestic violence situation; no subsequent resident has been identified; and is lacking the resources and support networks needed to obtain housing

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1:
Find Housing

Help people quickly find housing, expectedly within one month or less.

  • Build relationship with landlords to have access to as many housing units as possible.
  • Find and secure housing as quickly as possible after a family becomes homeless.

Step 2:
Pay for Housing

Help people pay for housing short term.

  • Help pay rent, security deposits, and/or move-in expenses…
  • Length of assistance varies, but often 2 to 3 months.

Step 3:
Stay in Housing

Help access services so people can stay in housing.

  • Connect families to services and supports in the community.
  • Help resolve issues that may threaten housing stability, including conflicts with landlords.

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